Take care of the first impression right from the entrance!
Standard mats

CWS entrance mats are used for creating an efficient barrier preventing dirt from being brought in on the footwear and for protecting floors against spreading contaminations – fine lumps of dirt, mud or liquids. They are an excellent means of protecting floors from destruction and also prevent slipping on the floors.

Renting the mats includes the services of their regular replacement, professional cleaning and washing. The frequency of replacing soiled mats with clean ones is adjusted to each Customer's needs.

CWSClean right from the entrance
Maty wejściowe An efficient doormat – the mat structure ensures the absorption of dirt, sand, snow, moisture and mud.
An elegant entrance – frequent replacement of soiled mats by CWS drivers
Limiting the costs of cleaning – the services include rental, cleaning and maintenance of mats
Available colours:

  • Red

  • Grey

  • Blue

  • Brown
Available sizes and shapes:
85x150 cm
115x180 cm
85x250 cm
85 cm
115 cm
150 cm
200 cm
85x42.5 cm
115x57.5 cm
150x75.0 cm
200x100 cm
85x150 cm
115x200 cm
150x250 cm
85x150 cm
115x200 cm
150x250 cm
Product advantages:
  • Mat thickness – only 10 mm, various sizes available
  • Mat surface is made from durable nylon fibres
  • Width of external rubber edges: 20 mm
  • Absorption of dirt: 4.5 kg or 4.5 liter per square meter
  • Anti-static effects protecting electronic equipment
  • Rubber bottom layer in order to make the floor position stable
Professional service by CWS-boco:
  • Wide range of mat products: selection of different shapes, sizes, colours and custom design of dust mats; we also provide
  • Anti-fatigue and Outdoor Mats
  • Weekly collection of soiled mats and delivery of cleaned mats
  • Sourcing, maintenance and repair/replacement of mats
  • Free-of-charge consulting: measuring, design preparation and mat locations
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