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Outdoor mats

CWS-boco outdoor mats are designed specifically for heavy duty and outdoor applications. They are often used in the atria or entrances, in places where a regular mat would be unsuitable. The mat is made of nylon on the rubber base with a special structure of hardened fibers. Sharp and irregular surfaces of fiber help to clean the footwear. At entrances it is recommended to use the outdoor mat in conjunction with the CWS dust mat.

CWSClean right from the entrance
Outdoor Mats Super Clean entrance - most effective for cleaning heavy dirt from footwear
Perfect protection - when used together with standard CWS-boco mats.
Extraordinary durable - made on a base of strong nitrile rubber
Available models (shapes, sizes and colours):

  • Grey
85x150 cm
115x200 cm
Possible applications:
Product advantages:
  • Removes excess dirt and moistness
  • Provides a stiff scraping action to capture heavy dirt particles
  • UV resistant and colourfast
  • Extraordinary durable as it is made on a base of strong nitrile rubber
  • Mat Height is 10 mm and Width of external rubber edges is reduced for safety up to 20 mm.
Professional service by CWS-boco:
  • 2 mat sizes
  • Collection of soiled mats and delivery of cleaned mats
  • Sourcing, maintenance and repair/replacement of mats
  • Free-of-charge consulting: i.e. measuring and mat locations
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