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Logo mats

Regardless of whether you wish to present your logo, the company's slogan, a photo of your product or you just want to draw attention – the CWS logo mats are an original means of emphasizing your company's image. The mobility of an adtvertising mat makes it possible to change its location and to present different versions of an advertisement each time, while the reliable CWS service guarantees the cleanliness of mats and logistics throughout the country.

CWSThe advertisement that is visible
Logo mats Efficient advertising – a new, attention-drawing form of advertising
A flexible solution – logo mats can be exchanged in various places
An elegant look – regular service by CWS, including the replacement of soiled mats with fresh ones
Available colours:
A wide range of more than 600 vivid and durable colours, allowing photographic print quality.

Available sizes and shapes:
85x150 cm
115x180 cm
85x250 cm
85 cm
115 cm
150 cm
200 cm
85x42.5 cm
115x57.5 cm
150x75.0 cm
200x100 cm
85x150 cm
115x200 cm
150x250 cm
85x150 cm
115x200 cm
150x250 cm
Product advantages:
  • More than 600 vivid and durable colours
  • A high, almost photographic quality of print
  • A professional designer's support in preparing each design
  • Various sizes of mats, depending on the customers' needs
  • Professional washing and regular exchange of mats
Professional service by CWS-boco:
  • Wide range of mat products: selection of different shapes, sizes, colours and custom design of dust mats.
  • Weekly collection of soiled mats and delivery of cleaned mats
  • Sourcing, maintenance and repair/replacement of mats
  • Free-of-charge consulting: measuring, design preparation and mat locations
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