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Outsourcing cleanliness

We help our customers to maintain clean floors and reduce our customer's risk of slips and falls. In this context we supply our customers with a wide range of mats, which are cleaned and exchanged on a weekly basis. Our nylon mats are fit for intensive use and designed to efficiently clean shoes and absorb dirt, mud and moisture.

In the course of providing mat services to our customers we use two mats for each designated mat location. A clean mat is placed at the designated mat area by our driver, who collects the soiled mat at the same time. All soiled mats are beeing returned to our state-of-the-art mat laundry facility, where they are cleaned and dried. During the cleaning process our mat's dirt and moisture absorbing potential are being fully restored.

In periods of increased rain or snowfall it is possible to increase the service frequency from weekly exchange to daily exchange.

Why is it worthwhile to rent a CWS mat?
  1. Entrance is the best showcase of a company
    A clean and neat entrance and an elegant reception area are the places where clients, guests and employees contact your company for the first time. Renting and servicing CWS entrance mats ensures the proper cleanliness and a professional image.
  2. An efficient barrier for contamination
    CWS entrance mats make an efficient barrier preventing contamination from being brought inside buildings and are perfect for absorbing dirt, sand, snow, moisture and mud that are brought in on the footwear. A specialist structure and layout of nylon fibers on a CWS mat guarantees high capability to clean shoe soles and the function to absorb the contaminations brought in to the inner parts of mats. One square meter of a mat is capable of retaining up to 4.5 kg of dirt or 4.5 liters of water.
  3. Saving time and money
    The system of renting and servicing entrance mats considerably limits the amount of time necessary for cleaning the entrance zones. This solution is applied in large commercial and public facilities (shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, railway and bus stations and airports) as well as smaller buildings (points of sale, stores, restaurants), giving rise to savings and comfort for administrators.
  4. Elemination of Capital Investments
    Renting mats eliminates the necessity to purchase mats. Capital investment in mats are beeing replaced by 'value for money' operational expenses.
  5. A visible means of communication
    The CWS logo mats, which may contain any graphic elements, slogans, company logos, pictures or advertisements, are an excellent and highly visible mobile tool of communication. They can be used for communicating the direction of traffic within the premises, for inviting customers to enter a store, advertising products and services and for reminding customers about supplementary or the so-called ´impulse´ offer.
  6. Reduction in the number of accidents
    Slippery and wet floors, in particular in winter time, are the most frequent cause of injuries caused by slipping and falling. Entrance mats also fulfill the anti-slipping function, contributing to a safer stay in a building for both guests and workers. They also provide anti-static functions, protecting users and electronic equipment from ESD electrostatic discharges.
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