Take care of the first impression right from the entrance!
Why is it worthwhile to rent a mat?
  1. Entrance is the best showcase of a company
    A clean and neat entrance and an elegant reception area are the places where clients, guests and employees contact your company for the first time.

  2. An efficient barrier for contamination
    CWS entrance mats make an efficient barrier preventing contamination from being brought inside buildings and are perfect for absorbing dirt, sand, snow, moisture and mud that are brought in on the footwear.

  3. Saving time and money
    The system of renting and servicing entrance mats considerably limits the amount of time necessary for cleaning the entrance zones.

  4. Elemination of Capital Investments
    Renting mats eliminates the necessity to purchase mats. Capital investment in mats are beeing replaced by 'value for money' operational expenses.

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The CWS mats - a professional solution

A clean and neat entrance as well as an elegant reception area are places where customers, guests and employees get the first impression of your company.

We offer a professional rental and cleaning service for mats, which can be designed in accordance with our customer's requirements. Our customers choose to outsource mat cleaning and rental services to save the capital outlay of buying mats and to reduce time, efforts and costs to arrange for the cleaning and maintenance of mats.

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